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La Osteria

Creating “Communitá”, community with food and beverage is essential to our well-being! Preferably in the third room style, La Osteria — hence the choice of our company name Osteria Goteborg AB.

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Si sposa bene

Over the years, I have been curious about the Enogastronomia – Food-Beverages-Atmosphere-Storytelling in harmony and how beverage and food marries well, ”Si sposa bene”.

We pass on the Italian culinary tradition that is based on pure flavors. An “uncovering” philosophy in an “unplugged” version. We do this by offering a taste experience with a tradition as a basis, and where we add something new. One application is when we with our high-quality distillate prepare with Aqua Vitae and Grappa, the dishes gets new sensory characteristics, aroma and taste. We call it modern Italian taste. Our philosophy within Beverage is that the wines should reflect the geographical origin, an interpretation of the site.






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My work is based on the right combination of food and beverages: based on this philosophy a book emerged on dishes to be combined with Friulian wines, grappas and liqueurs created in collaboration with the Copenhagen Hosptality Collage. As an Ambassador of I Vini del Piemonte in Sweden I am a reference figure to whom the Consortium entrusts the task of promoting knowledge of Piedmont and its food and wine. I have the task of supporting I Vini del Piemonte in organizing various promotional events and proposing activities and initiatives to increase the image of Piedmontese wines on the Swedish market.





What We Do


What We Do

We create Brand Experiences with an Italian Mood

Italian in Sweden
If you’re an Italian company marketing or establishing yourself in Sweden we are there to help with your introduction and create your position on the market. Using a short preliminary study, we collect information in order to customize the project for you. We use analogue and digital tools with content marketing as a basis. Our events are ideal for most applications, large or small, and rewards, motivates and engages. We are located on the West cost of Sweden and we’ll make sure you are equipped in the right way to concur the Swedish market.

Swedish in Italy
We help you find the right way to the Italian market. All by using our own location and partners in Northern Italy. By having our own recourses on site, we are able to make an effective marketing and establishing process for you. Customer & management meetings are a vital part in two senses. One when you are establishing your business on the Italian market, but also when you make rewarding activities for your employees, customers and suppliers. With our network you can feel secure to achieve your objectives.


Our Stories


Our Stories


Copenhagen Hospitality College chose Bepi Tosolini Grappa and Aquavitae for their next science cookbook project. The students used the distillates as a central ingredient in cocktails and development of dishes.

To attract and promote a sensory distillate for the public in the best of ways, together with food. An important scope is that the future chefs and waiters will be introduced to high quality grappa and aquavitae. All from a single brand that have a high sensory level. As the brand have its origins in the Friuli area it also promoted the territory. During the festivity dinner with the book release the dishes was accompanied by wines from the Friuli region.

A project group was set up with members from the School, Osteria Goteborg and relevant partners. The grappa and aquavitae was presented to the students by a seminar held by us. The release was promoted by the schools PR department by press releases, invitations, and advertisement in the book. At the festivity dinner there were approximately 250 guests.

View invitation to the guests   View the preface in the book


Caterpillar Propulsion and Pon Cat Norway decided to make a joint effort at the Norshipping exhibit. Norshipping is the major shipping exhibition in Scandinavia.
This was the first time the two brands appeared together at an exhibition.

An important scope was to make the collaborative effort between the brands obvious. The agency in charge for the overall execution and theme, Brave Zone AB, created a hospitality area and Osteria Goteborg was chosen for the food and beverage experience in the stand.

Brave Zone AB set up a project group with representatives for idea, concept, design and overall theme and content. Osteria Goteborg created a food & beverage experience based on the core Italian values for a Community, organized the experience in the bar section during the daily fair, catering for the personnel and some 100 clients per day as well as the After Party. We handled all the planning and carrying through with the support from the Thon Hotel Arena.

View the invitation to the after party



Göteborgs Vinhus, a merchant in Fine Wines, chose Mateo Ascheri, a winemaker from Piemonte, to be part of their portfolio.

To promote the brand to consumers within the Gothenburg area with classy taste in wines. All with the intention to create new members to their web sales channel for wines listed at the Monopoly. An important scope was to make a Brand Experience in the right environment and also certify to the winemaker the importance of his appearance in the right atmosphere.

The event was held in a historic place of great importance, Chalmershuset. A location where a dinner is conducted in the conjunction to the Nobel festivities every year. All with a private room feeling.

A late afternoon tasting was arranged, where the wines held the key position and with food tastes that were created to pair each of the six wines that were tasted. All under the supervision and storytelling by Mr. Ascheri himself. A perfect example of Brand Experience was created.


I Vini del Piemonte, a consortium created in 2010, which currently includes some 200 wineries from all around the Piedmont region. Involved in marketing and promotional activities, such as the design and organization of fairs and events in Italy and abroad, chose us to be their event organizer through their partner Ideazione. All to set the first Barolo and Friends event in Gothenburg.

By the format “Barolo and Friends Event” promote and increase the sales of Italian quality wines in Sweden. To attract by a walking tasting the target group of “Wine lovers”, by a separate part the professionals (horeca and importers) and holding a masterclass in an interesting topic for the professionals.

The event was held and organized in a historic place of great importance, Chalmerska huset. A location where 9 winemakers promoted their wines to some 150 wine lovers and 75 professionals during one day of event. There was also held a masterclass in the Barbera wine for some 25 participants. The local marketing and ticket handling was held by us. It was all held in a professional way according to our taskmasters and the exhibitors was satisfied with the guests and of the high knowledge of Piemonte’s wines and its terroir.


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